Hospital management Softwrae (HMS) is an element of medical informatics solutions that focuses mainly on the administration needs of hospitals. An HMS is a computer or web-based application that manages the functioning of an entire hospital. This customizable integrated system is designed to manage all the operations of the hospital, such as administration, patient details, medical history of the patient, appointment booking, inventory management, billing, bed management, drug management, revenue management, Electronic Medical record (EMR)and so on.


Appointment booking:
Helps patients cut the long queue and saves their time Is equipped with features like automated email and text message reminders
Role-Based Access Control:
Allows employees to access only the necessary information to effectively perform their job duties Increases data security and integrity
Overall cost reduction:
Cuts down paper costs as all the data are computerised No separate costs for setting up physical servers
Data accuracy:
Removes human errors Alerts when there’s a shortage of stock
Data security:
Helps to keep patients records private Restricts access through role-based access control
Revenue management:
Makes daily auditing simple Helps with statistics and other financial aspects