Database Management

The present system for marking attendance of employees should be fast and accurate and maintain the data on real timings where no effort by management is required.
With the introduction of External Device Integration, this will ensure that Educational institutions,offices,industries..etc can easily manage the entry and exits and restricted access to the premises of the staff.
It is also integrated with Bits.Pvt.Ltd Rapid Attendance module which helps to track the working hours and shifts, etc of the employees. With the technology, this device captures all the information quickly with security.


Database Management Services:

Device control projects vary widely in scope and complexity. These projects are demanding and require precision design and engineering skills, plus the ability to anticipate and troubleshoot the unexpected challenges unique to device control projects.

The software engineers at Bits.Pvt.Ltd specialize in integrating highly complex devices. We can assist at any stage of your project. From early concept, including communication protocol design and product roadmap, to development and final product delivery and long-term support.

We can also help if you are operating a legacy system that requires support and enhancement. Fairly often we see systems with little or no formal documentation, and our team has the capacity to begin new development and get your project moving forward.