Become Our Partner

BITS.PVT.LTD believe in identifying, building and nurturing long term partnerships. Our partnerships begin with our portfolio of high-performance products and our well-known software and continue with an array of support materials and programs to insure our partners are successful in their respective marketplaces A business partnership could help business attract new opportunities and provide customers or members with reduced energy costs as well as a host of other benefits. Our aim is to provide value throughout our partnership and build a long lasting and professional relationship.

As one of the leading energy consultancies with over 14+ years’ experience and a strong track record of working with a variety of strategic associates, BITS PVT LTD are the ideal partners to support business’ growth and assist customers' or members to generate energy needs.

What We Are ?

we are shaping the future of business, our ability to champion our customers’ best interests and bring them unparalleled service, market insight and solutions is second to none.

Our platforms, data analytics and interfaces will be the best in our market, delivering a road map for your customers or members that provides future proofed capability and sustainable value.

Combining our expertise in energy with our valued customer relationships, together we can drive yours and our business forward and provide all customers or members with peace of mind from a reputable, market-leading consultant professional they can trust.
Here’s what we can expect:
1. An additional revenue stream for your business based on a percentage of the energy sale value.
2. Attract new customers or members and retain existing ones with our services.
A new set of products to sell to customers or members.
3. Our experience working with oil and gas , energy & power sectors, IT Industries , manufacturing, finance and the public sector provides expertise, assurance and credibility to our customers.
4. Will be professional offering services with a range of products to help customers or members maximise their business’ energy.